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Welcome to the official MacMedics Canada Technophile blog - a place for Mac news, views, tips and trips. Visit and keep up to date on the latest Apple happenings, guidance, warnings (watch those updates!), links and fun technical excursions from the perspective of someone who deals with the diverse issues of Mac users everyday.

Whether you're a home user, an individual business or a larger enterprise, an existing client or an interested passerby, I think you'll find interesting and useful information here.

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So visit the blog often be automatically notified about new posts. Find out if you should really perform that update. Find out what's new in the Apple universe and how it might affect you (MobileMe anyone?). Discover new solutions that I and others come across (how does one manage all that email?! - a future post). Learn troubleshooting tips and read about comments on the state of the Mac and technology in general. Join the conversation and post your comments - we've all got something to learn from each other.

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